About Us

Lighting Arena is the first B2B Lighting Marketplace, we are a secure, reliable and convenient platform that boosts your e-business without the need for massive investment. We are providing lighting business demands for both sellers and buyers.

As for Sellers, Lighting Arena helps you in discovering the future of online lighting business and creating your own online store in less than 15 minutes. Your products will be showcased to a huge range of customers, get your money once the products have been successfully delivered to respective customers, and customize your profile with information like profile logo, shop location, and refund policies.

As for Buyers, Lighting Arena is focusing on offering high-quality products with the most competitive available cost. Our managers are always ready to answer your questions, you can call us anytime even at the weekends. We are offering free shipping on all orders even the order is a few boxes. We are also offering cashback to your e-wallet, you can use this money for the new purchases.