9 Reasons why you should sell on a marketplace

9 Reasons why you should sell on a marketplace

Apr 12, 2020 4:16:00 PM

There are several reasons why it can be beneficial for a lighting manufacturer or a wholesaler to start selling on an online marketplace. It is less complicated than launching their own ecommerce webshop, and Vendors can make use of all the resources and features made available to them through the platform. Immediate access to customers and streamlined processes included.

1. Customers love to compare.

Researches and analysis expecting that marketplace business will achieve a market share of 50% by 2021. So whenever customers buy online, there is a huge chance they will go to a marketplace.

2. You get immediate access to thousands of potential customers.

You are not starting from scratch. Every established marketplace has its daily visitors once you begin selling your LED lighting products on an online marketplace; you will have direct access to all its customers.

3.benefiting from the reach/traffic of the platform

Many potential customers might not know your lighting brand or your lighting products. Still, within a marketplace framework, you only need to worry about your internal rankings, which could be immediately high through paid seller memberships. You don’t need to convince buyers to come to your actual website.

4. Build an immediate level of trust.

By selling on an online marketplace, you benefit from all its marketing and brand-building expenses. People trust the platform, so they will automatically also trust you.

5. Starting is quick and straightforward.

The marketplace team will take care of the hassle of selling online for you: hosting, design, maintenance, processing of orders, financial transactions, and even customer care and satisfaction. In essence, you will save plenty of time and money.

6. Internationalization is built-in.

Most marketplaces operate globally. So whenever you start selling your lighting products on one, you get the ability to extend your brand reach with a minimum effort to other markets as well.

7. You can gain access to new audiences.

Thanks to the pervasiveness of marketplaces, you will find a lot of different types of visitors browsing them. So you can break out of your niche and reach to a market segment that you might never have access to before.

8. It can be an additional marketing channel.

Selling the product listed on them is the core business of any marketplace, and this is where they are investing a lot of time and money, you will earn a share of that. Marketplaces can be just the platform to get people interested in your brand and your product.

9. You don’t need a separate ecommerce solution.

By selling on a marketplace, you can test and learn about Ecommerce selling without being forced to make huge investments into the set-up, design, operating, and marketing of your ecommerce website.