Lighting Fairs and Trade Shows in USA

Lighting Fairs and Trade Shows in USA

Nov 27, 2018 10:54:00 PM

There are important, well-known, and top LED Lighting Fairs and Trade Shows that are held in the USA, we will be mentioning many of them. These lighting Fairs have different purposes such as LED lights, SSL technology, phosphors applications, and educational programs.

1. Lightovation: Dallas International Lighting Show

Also known as the International Home of Lighting, the Dallas International Lighting Market event is one of the most celebrated lightings shows in the USA. During the show, manufacturers and makers showcase several overwhelming selections of the latest, trendy lighting systems. Bargain hunters across the world flock to Dallas for the psychedelic experience in this glorious event. The event hosts the top brands in the lighting space showcasing state-of-the-art product lines and an abundant buffet of eye-catching lighting systems at economic rates. Interior designers and lighting experts will benefit tremendously from attending this event. The exhibitors can access showrooms for personalised presentations and meetings all around the year.

2. Strategies in Light

In 2018, the creators of Strategies in Light are colocating it with The LED Show and Lightspace California. The objective is to offer a comprehensive view of the market to the LED and lighting industry. Together, the three shows will provide a platform where specialists from every category of lighting could share inside information, educate themselves, and network. For the first time, the show will open with a keynote session with lighting industry leader Guido van Tartwijk, CEO of Tridonic. Strategies in Light, The LED Show, and Lightspace was a big hit in 2017, attracting more than 5,5000 attendees, and hundreds of exhibitors. No to mention, the focus this year is technology.

3. The LED Show

The LED Show is dedicated exploring the progress in commercial, residential and retail SSL technology. Hundreds if not thousands of designers, engineers, homebuilders, specifiers, makers, and inventors come to meet from all across the globe. Offering several intense sessions that address the latest advancements in manufacturing, design, testing, colour definition, controls, final assembly and much more, The LED Show focus is two of the most important aspects of lighting, design and user experience.

Furthermore, The LED Show provides the latest LED lamps and luminaires from elite manufacturers. Visitors get to see the latest inventions before they hit the general market, with an opportunity to build strategic relationships inside the lighting industry.

In its third year, it is being co-located with Strategies in Light, providing a peek into what is to come in the fixture, lighting design and end user markets.

4. Lightspace California

The Lightspace California event is the long-awaited lighting design event on the West Coast. A unique event focus on inspiration and design, where creativity in lighting is championed and exalted. Thousands of architects and lighting designers join the festival to share ideas and present their latest findings.

Lightspace California is co-located with The Led Show and Strategies in Light, making it a three-in-one event. Visitors can expect a 360-degree of what is going on in the lighting industry. The event, as a whole, provides a stellar opportunity to network with a wide range of lighting experts covering several aspects of lighting as well as understanding the inner mechanics of the lighting supply chain.

A bunch of elite lighting designers and architects will deliver several keynotes exploring themes of combining light and architecture, the importance of darkness and shadow and the multi-disciplinary aspect of lighting.

5. NAILD Innovation 2018

Every year, the National Association of Innovative Lighting Distributors (NAILD) organise its Annual Conference, which invites the leading manufacturers and distributors in the lighting industry. NAILD Innovation offers first-rate educational lighting training programs, sessions, and resources. Held in the Rancho Mirage, the Annual Conference will feature topics such as:

  • Who Moved My Light Bulb: Adapting Your Business for the Future?
  • Light and Health
  • Lumens as a Service
  • The Rise of Autonomous Buildings
  • Indoor Horticulture

During NAILD Innovation, the exhibition will highlight the newest and latest product innovations and equipment advances for lighting distributors. Furthermore, exhibitors will get the chance to earn the NAILD Product Sprint Awards in five categories.

6. Expo Lighting America (ELA)

Expo Lighting America is the yearly assembly of hundreds of the best lighting designers, architect, large buyers, government agencies and lighting enthusiasts. They all come to gather under one roof to gain a fresh perspective on where the lighting industry is headed.

ELA is the biggest lighting event in Latin America, but it also attracts international attention. Amongst the attendees are the top brands in lamps, lights, units and lighting control systems. This event brings together professionals in key positions and executives in big companies.

This year's concept will be "Light, Design, and Comfort." The organisers hope to provide the Latin American market expert insight not just through products but also through creating an experience. An experience of quality, innovation, and simplicity. Building a bridge between delicacy and efficiency through operational design.

7. LEDucation

From the Designers Lighting Forum of New York, comes LEDucation. It is the marketplace that illuminates the current state of solid-state lighting. Not your average exhibit, LEDucation is the place to be when you want to keep up to date with the latest trends in solid-state lighting. Offering a supreme experience for industry professionals to experience first-hand the newest innovations in lighting design and technology. During the exhibit, attendees can refine their education through participating in AIA/CEU accredited seminars including:

  • Stargazing vs. Safety: The Dilemma of Exterior Lighting
  • Designing with OLEDs and Integration Components

All in all, it represents ample opportunities for networking and education.

8. NAESCO Federal Market Workshop

The Workshop is all about the huge market of Federal energy efficiency and infrastructure improvement. Covering important aspects of how to improve it, how to involve people in its advancement and how the current technology would contribute. Representing the best opportunity for those looking to participate in the Federal market, the already sold out 13th Annual NAESCO Federal Market Workshop also attract ESCO leaders, retailers, and wholesalers working in the Federal space. Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Daniel Simmons will deliver the keynote speech about building public/private partnerships. The Workshop also offer sponsorship opportunities.

9. Phosphor Global Summit 2018

The Phosphor Global Summit 2018 is the ultimate event that focuses solely on phosphors and its myriad applications. Truly, an eye on the new phosphors technologies that keep pushing the market forward. At the 16th annual Phosphors Global Summit, visitors can expect to learn about the ins and outs of the phosphors industry from internationally-acclaimed leaders in the market. Not only that, but the summit will cover topics including the meteoric rise of LED lighting technology, the future of lighting, the untapped potential of the phosphors market, as well as the obstacles that the industry is going through.


GLOBALCON packs a lot of action in one in a once in a year event. It combines the benefits of going to several events in one event.

Quality Intercourse

The success of the business of energy depends on information. And information is what you’ll get from the Multi-Track sessions managed by trade professionals during the conference part of GLOBALCON.

Educational Group Discussions

For those seeking an energy degree, they will learn a lot through the seminars. If you’re going through a professional exam, the material will help prepare you.

The Expo part of GLOBALCON will capture your imagination with the latest innovations in energy products and services.

11. Light + Building

Light is the Future

Light + Building tries to predict how digital technology and design will interplay in the future. With over 2,600 exhibitors showing how far they went in the fields of lighting, automation, and electrical engineering, you'll get to see a glimpse of that future.

Unlimited Options

The Frankfurt Exhibition Centre in Germany will receive over 210,000 visitors. Architects, interior designers, and designers, the whole gamut. Focusing on electrically based building services systems, Light + Building advocates integrated planning in building electrical systems, offering a wide selection of products that fulfil every imaginable configuration possible.

Electricity Meets Technology

Electrical and electronic engineering plays a crucial role in building services technology due to its multiple applications. Light + Building puts them in a framework that combines that new technology with home and building automation. That's unprecedented in any other world trade fair.

Pressing Issues

The motto of Lighting + Building is Connected, Secure, and Convenient. With its bold futuristic themes, here’re the main issues that Lighting + Building aim to tackle:

  • "Aesthetics and well-being in harmony"

The Lighting product segment will focus on design trends, prepare to be amazed by the deep experience of the exhibitors. Thanks to digitalisation, lighting designers are beginning to put humans under the proverbial spotlight. Through things like Human Centric Lighting (HCL), lighting design is drifting more towards human health, productivity, and well-being than ever.

  • "The smartification of everyday life"

Automation is at the heart of constructing smart, connected buildings. Electrical technology is the gateway to this achievement. More connectedness between electrical installations makes life easier at home and at work. Light + Building wants to do that without astronomical energy consumption, compromising safety, and open the door for more creativity and comfort. That’s the least you can expect from Light + Building.

12. GlobalShop Show Trade Show & Conference

GlobalShop has offered and continue to offer the country's biggest retail design industry trade show. The attention GlobalShop has garnered over 25 years and counting rise from the fact that it is the only annual event that reconciles the irreconcilable. Providing enormous value to visitors and exhibitors, Global Shop syndicates store design, visual merchandising, retail technology, and shopper marketing leaders in one place.

Why visit?

  • Exchange cards with retail industry professionals in face to face interactions.
  • Entire floors are dedicated to your particular buyer's needs.
  • Get inspiration on how to grow your business through better store design.
  • Professional advice on how to prepare yourself for success.

13. Green California Summit & Exposition

Without a doubt, California is a world leader in sustainability thanks to its unwavering commitment to emission reduction and environmental awareness. The annual Green California Summit started some eleven years ago to serve that purpose, offering advice to professionals from both the private and public sectors who work on green projects and programs. With shifting priorities at the highest levels of the government, the role that California plays in environmental issues is rising as a top concern. The 2018 Summit comes to the Sacramento Convention Centre at an interesting time. It'll open doors for participants to connect, share, and collaborate in education sessions designed to raise their environmental awareness to new levels through learning the best practices and current strategies.

14. NALMCO 2018 Spring Seminar Learning Lab

NALMCO Spring Seminar is a condescended two-day educational opportunity for lighting designers looking to improve their knowledge.

What makes the event unique is a keynote speech delivered by Mark Lien and learning labs.

Spring Seminar Sponsor

Altec Inc. is an outstanding supplier of products and services to the lights and signs markets. With offices in over 100 oversea offices, Altec Inc. is the holding company of Altec Industries, Global Rental, Altec NUECO, and more.

What you’ll learn?

The event is the best way to prepare for and earn the Certified Lighting Management Consultant (CLMC) certificate. Attendees will go through the computer-based CLMC Exam during the first day of the Spring Seminar.

15. EXPOLUX 2018

Coming strong in its 16th Edition, Expolux is the biennial fair that you can’t afford to miss. The biggest gathering of lighting companies in Latin America, it is all-inclusive, intense, and focusing on technologies and trends. Expolux is the Mecca of lighting in Latin America that offers products and services to CEOs, business owners, retailers, lighting designers, architects, decorators, engineers, and operators. High ranking executives will attend the fair along sides with key exhibiting brands. Expolux is the place you want to be whether you’re looking for new business deals and partnerships or want to keep an eye on how the industry is evolving.

16. HD Expo - Hospitality Design Exposition & Conference

Out of Las Vegas, HD Expo is one of the finest hospitality conferences and trade shows in the industry. Organized by Hospitality Design magazine, it has everything you’ll need as a hospitality professional. It will satisfy your hunger for new products and services, inspire you, and present you with quality networking opportunities.

HD Expo seeks to be the number one facilitator of industry relationships between hoteliers, professional designers, planners, builders, big buyers, and large-scale suppliers.

Join engaging discussions with thought leaders and gain inspiration for your next project from the best information available on hospitality. Build relationships that last long after the show is over. HD Expo aims to be more than a show for hospitality design products and services but your partner in success.

17. LIGHTFAIR International

LIGHTFAIR International cleverly bring out into upon the magic of combining creativity and insight in a magical symphony of light and technology. When advanced breakthroughs, high-speed progress, and significant leaps and substantial developments hasten the future of lighting design, you know that you are at LIGHTFAIR International. It is the global stage for architectural and commercial lighting all packed in one annual event, trade show, and conference.


  • Conference provides about 200 hours of high-quality accredited education.
  • 6 pavilions displaying product-specific manufacturers.
  • The LFI Innovation Awards recognises the industry's hottest product designs.
  • Training programs on lighting, design, technology, smart lighting, lighting and health, retrofitting buildings, managing LED costs and more

18. BuildingsNY

Enjoy the Complete Buildings Lifecycle Experience

Together, the Associated Builders and Owners of Greater New York (ABO), Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP), and the American Institute of Architects Contract Documents (AIA) sponsor BuildingsNY. What is BuildingsNY?

BuildingsNY is the ultimate source, complete product life-cycle solution to securely and affordably get desired results from operating your buildings. It offers a comprehensive collection including a presentation, free education, seminars, business opportunities, and meet and greet events.

What does BuildingsNY offer?

  • More than 6,000 Building industry specialists.
  • More than 400 contractors.
  • 45,000 square metres of exhibition space dedicated to up-to-the-minute advanced technologies, products and services to drive down operating expenses for your building.
  • Industry thought leaders and expert practitioners sharing their findings and experiences, revealing less-known industry inside secrets.
  • Free accredited education from AIA contract documents industry authorities.
  • Even more innovative technology, products and services.
  • Major hi-tech product launches on a higher scale.

19. NeoCon

NeoCon has been going on for 49 years. In its 50th year celebration, NeoCon continue to serve as the commercial design industry’s firing table for creativity. Shaping our environment today and in the future through spreading new ideas.

500 Influential Corporations

Old and new companies are coming together and sharing thousands and thousands of new products and services in divisions including Furniture, Fabrics, Flooring, Interior Building Products, Interior Finishes and Technology.

50,000 Professional Designers

Coming from different markets including Workplace, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, Education, Public Space and Government, commercial designers who mean business join NeoCon to meet and greet, and educate themselves.

20. NAESCO Technology & Financing Workshop

The National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO) honours 35 years of promoting the energy efficiency industry. NAESCO is the ultimate national trade organisation exhibiting and supporting the energy efficiency industry in the energy forum, the media, and the government state and federal circles.

The Technology & Financing Workshop help both energy service companies and the private and public sectors to work together and provide affordable energy efficiency modified for the current age. Attendees include college campuses and water treatment plants.

Stay tuned for more updates.

21. West Coast Energy Management Congress

The Conference

Multi-track sessions presented by industry thought leaders… Organized by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), the conference is fashioned in such a format that deliver actionable, up-to-date information. You can take the energy-focused information and implement it to better your energy management program. You’ll also take an in-depth look into the current technology advances that you can adapt to your business.


In its 36th edition, the Energy Management Congress will open with two keynotes presented by industry and government leaders, discoursing strategic energy directions of global importance. You don’t want to miss that event.

22. AIA Convention

Over three full days, architects, designers and planners will attend the A’18 to discuss sustainability, equity, and health and how they contribute to designing cities, towns, and communities for the future.

It is the event for you if you want to know what’s going on within architecture and design. A’18 presents a perfect networking opportunity with over 20,000 attendees.  Furthermore, if you want to build on your education, enjoy top quality sessions with top-ranked speaker in the industry.

You can join many seminars, workshops, and tours. There will be more events than you can plan for, so plan carefully and prepare for a life changing experience.

23. IES Annual Conference

The IES Annual Conference will transpire in the summer, August 9-11 at the Westin Boston Waterfront, in Boston, MA.

Because professional education is a lifetime pursue, lighting professionals have the opportunity to earn CEU Credits through attending the conference.

The Conference will kick off on August 9 with a committee meeting. In 2017, the conference featured The Connected Lighting Test Bed Laboratory, which provided various research tools to understand energy reporting, interoperability and cybersecurity of connected lighting systems in addition to colour rendering research.

The show is expected to bring more cutting-edge information for lighting professionals. Check out this page at a later date for more updates.

24. LED Specifier Summit – Northwest

The LED Specifier Summit Seattle will come to pass on September 25, 2018 at Washington State Convention Centre in Exhibit Hall 4E. Although it's a one-day event, it is jam packed with LED lighting education programs and resolutions made for specifiers of commercial, architectural and decorative LED lighting products.

The Summit brings first-rate information for lighting professionals so they stay on top of the latest LED lighting trends with accredited seminars and direct access to the top-ranked lighting manufactures in a friendly atmosphere. The Summit will also offer intense LED lighting exhibits, live product trials, and networking opportunities.

25. Horticultural Lighting Conference USA

The Horticultural Lighting Conference flies to Portland, Oregon in 2019 to elucidate the applications of horticultural lighting in the North American gardening and maker markets. Simplifying research and technology to the level of the average consumer, the Horticultural Lighting Conference in its U.S. edition puts under the microscope the newest trends, tactics and technologies affecting the progress of the market. In addition, providing essential information about adapting your capabilities to make the most out of this up and coming sector.

Go to this intense two-day conference and learn:

  • How to produce crop in any season with science.
  • How to penetrate the market with the right business model.
  • How to network with the movers and shakers of the industry.
  • How to learn more about LED horticultural applications.

26. ASLA Annual Meeting & Expo

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Annual Meeting & Expo is the perfect opportunity to connect to the landscaping industry and get discovered.

The educational sessions provided by the leading industry role models alone will make attending the event worth every second of your time. Building on the success of previous year, this year, the Meeting & Expo will delve even deeper into industry specific topics.

Whether you are here for business opportunity, market research, or general knowledge, you’ll find more than you bargained for. You can also browse a vast collection of products and services and get to discuss the details with their makers.

27. Green California Schools & Community Colleges Summit and Exposition

The schools sector in California is going up with no sign of slowing down. With tens of billions invested in energy projects the room for improvement is always expanding. California's dedication to emission reduction only grows with time. If your company is focusing on offering green products and services for schools, then the Green California Schools and Community Colleges Summit is the place you want to be.

Access to school officials is difficult with the regular marketing channels. The Summit is a direct link to the men and women in charge of designing and implementing green programs. Schools has a great potential to lead the future, it is where you want to invest your time.

28. NAESCO 2017 Annual Conference & Vendor Showcase

Each year, the top ESCOs in the country attend the NAESCO Annual Conference & Vendor Showcase. This is where you want to go if you want to keep up to date with the latest innovations in the energy efficiency industry.

Imagine the unlimited potential for networking with business peers and the meaningful exchange of value. Also for more information about Top Lighting Fairs in the world, here is another article similar to this one. You can check which fairs focusing on what and their locations, this will facilitate your planning on visiting them.