Top Lighting Fairs and Exhibitions in The World

Top Lighting Fairs and Exhibitions in The World

Nov 27, 2018 10:29:00 PM

There are many lighting events that occur around the world. Here are the Top Lighting Fairs and Exhibitions in 2019 that held in many locations Europe, USA, Asia, and the Middle East. LED lighting fairs have a different event and scope to focus on.

1. LIGHT - International Fair of Lighting Equipment

Stretched over three days, the International Fair of Lighting Equipment event take place from 31st January to 2nd February at the Warsaw Exhibition Centre in Warsaw, Poland. The event host and display products from companies promoting their goods. Furthermore, fair participants can participate in a wide range of workshops in the shape of scientific seminars, conferences and training courses for professionals, including equipment demonstrations and lectures on the latest technologies in the lighting industry, electrical engineering and construction etc. in the Electronics & Electrical Goods industry.

Exhibition Categories:

  • Architectural lighting.
  • Interior lighting.
  • Street, small architecture and signal lighting.
  • Light controlling and energy saving systems.
  • Office and administrative building lighting.
  • Lighting equipment and accessories.
  • Housing and decorative lighting.
  • Lighting for living areas.
  • Technical lighting for business and industry.
  • Lighting for quarters.
  • Emergency and safety lighting.
  • Lighting for villas and detached houses.
  • Specialised lighting.
  • Technical lighting for business and industry.
  • Lighting for scene, studio, club, discotheque and publicity.
  • Industrial areas illumination.
  • Light sources.
  • General and working areas illumination.
  • Solid-state lighting.
  • Lighting appliances for health and beauty care.
  • Special sector for components and accessories.

Exhibitors can also participate in competitions organised by Polish Lighting Industry Association such as:

  • The Rhythm of Light: Contenders compete in designing and presenting the best lighting system to create “new life in the old framework.” In essence, using current lighting technologies to create lighting systems for old factory buildings, railways station, water towers, old office buildings and residential buildings, shelters, cellars, or any other architectural structures that became old and useless.
  • OLED Lamp: Sponsored by OLED Works, this competition is about designing the most productive lighting element for workspaces using the ground-breaking OLED technology.

2. Northern Light Fair

Northern Light Fair is the most prominent trade fair for lighting in all Scandinavia. The first four days of the five days event are reserved for experts, while the fifth day is open for members of the public interested in learning about the latest products and trends in the lighting industry. The exhibition concludes with several seminars, lectures, and awards shows. The Northern Light Fair runs closely with another prominent lighting event, which is the Stockholm Furniture Fair, the biggest furniture fair in Sweden.

Ratatouille Arena

This year's guest of honour (2018) is world-known designer Paola Navone, who also created an installation in Stockholmsmässan’s Entrance Hall. The Fair will also feature a combination of the Design Bar and Stockholm Design & Architecture, which will provide a new area for conversations, foods, and meetings.

Stockholm Design & Architecture Talks

The fair's forum for knowledge sharing and experience discussions around design and architecture topics will host the world's finest guests including Paola Navone, Piet Hein Eek, India Mahdavi, Penda and Assemble. The theme of this year will be Visionary Thinking.


The fair will feature the Greenhouse, the meeting area where unestablished designers gather to discuss and share their experiences. Furthermore, new this year is the award, "Best Performance - Selected by the Greenhouse Jury."

The Northern Light Fair will take place on 5 days from Tuesday, 06. February to Saturday, 10. February 2018 in Stockholm.

3. Smart Lighting + Design 2018 LED Expo Benelux

Every year, the LED EXPO BENELUX attracts thousands of architects, light architects, light consultants and other professionals. Smart Lighting & Design - LED Expo will offer a fresh perspective on the fast-evolving lighting market. LED Lighting brought a new paradigm shift in the lighting industry. But it is not the end, the next LED revolution is here. Over the duration of two days, at the Brabanthallen in’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, the event is a great place for networking between industry and trade organisation leaders and key influencers in the installation and construction spheres. Furthermore, representatives from housing corporations and homeowner associations will be present. All gather in this unique event to exchange ideas and share their experiences. The event will also offer lights and lighting workshops personalised for the attendees. Not to be missed.

4. Global LIFI Congress

An Exclusive Event!

Held at the esteemed The Palais Brongniart, the Global LiFi Congress is geared towards the promotion of LiFi technology. For a day, professional scientists gather to discuss the ideas that will propel the LiFi technology forward.


  • Keeping up to date with LiFi news, its challenges, and aspirations.
  • Spreading vital information from top industry experts.


  • Educational talks and brainstorming sessions will attract researchers and industry leaders.
  • Over 30 designers.
  • A special area designated to networking.
  • The potential for setting up online conferences with those who did not attend.

The event is scheduled for eighth and ninth February 2018.

5. EuroShop

The EuropShop is one of the most important events in the retail industry. Naturally, the lighting portion of the event focuses on retail lighting with a wide range of contemporary shop lighting. The revolutionary LED technology open new doors for retailers to put emotion in how they display their products. EuroShop wants to answer questions such as:

  • How can lighting help in achieving retail success?
  • Can the correct lighting increase revenue?
  • What is the role that lighting can play in merchandise presentation, entrance areas and cash-register zones?
  • What’s the impact of lighting on energy consumption?

If you want free advice from some of the best lighting designers in the world, go to EuroShop.

Expo Eléctrica Internacional is a major event about lighting electronics in New Mexico, Mexico where large and small companies gather to offer their products and services. Business owners also join to see the latest new tools, materials, and machinery for electronics. Exhibitors can learn a lot about the visitors through direct communication to exchange business information.

The events attract an interesting crowd of:

  • CEOs
  • Managers
  • Business leaders
  • Merchants
  • Government sector
  • Hospitality sector
  • Engineers, civil and mechanical
  • Lighting, industrial and electrical designers
  • Maintenance companies
  • Architects
  • Interior decorators

Themes of this year’s show will include:

  • Automation
  • Control
  • Construction of houses
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Lighting electronics
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Electrical Equipment

6. Compound Semiconductor International Conference

The ultimate exhibition for the Compound Semiconductor industry, the two-day CS International 2018 conference will serve as a meeting point for the movers and shakers of the industry who’ll deliver over 30 presentations covering five themes:

  • Competing with silicon power devices

How can SiC grab more market share? Is there is room of expansion for GaN?

  • Solving problems with heterogeneous integration

When is the next compound semiconductors breakthrough? What we can do to hasten its arrival?

  • 5G: what now?

 How will 5G unfold? And how it will benefit GaAs and GaN?

  • LEDS: Maximising ROI

Which is the most profitable sectors? Streamlining manufacturing vs. optimizing the chip.

  • Raising revenues from RF devices

Will higher frequencies open close doors? What are the chances of III-Vs in military and civilian markets?

7. Salone del Mobile

Salone del Mobile.Milano is an international event well-known in the design and furnishing circles. The organisers expect to welcome more than 300,000 visitors from over 165 different countries.

Over 2,000 exhibitors will occupy the 200,00 m2 exhibition area, offering superior products and solutions for modern living with an eye on design, technology, suppleness, and sustainability. Join the top companies in the industry in a celebration of hard work, creativity, and creativity.

The Salone Internazionale del Mobile will be held hand in hand with the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition.

Together, they'll cover three main categories:

  • Classic: Tradition in the Future: Applying time-honored traditions in making modern furniture.
  • Design: Functional, innovative products with style.
  • xLux: the section devoted to antique items.

8. Middle East Smart Lighting & Energy Summit

We are still continuing with Top Lighting Fairs and Exhibitions in The World, the latest lighting tech has revolutionised the lighting industry. The 7th edition of the Middle East Lighting Design Summit 2018 will take place on 2nd and 3rd May 2018 in Dubai. It will highlight the latest trends, technologies and application and how they're changing the lighting design industry. The most prominent platform for lighting design in the Middle East will connect lighting experts, designers, architects and urban planners from all over the GCC region. Over the course of two days, the summit program will present inspiring individual sessions and dynamic panel discussions for everybody in the lighting and design territory.

9. LIGHTEXPO Kenya 2018

LIGHTEXPO 2018 is the premier lighting event offered by the East African market. It evolved from BUILEXPO as an independent event dedicated solely to the lighting industry. It’ll be the must-attend event for lighting professionals in East Africa.

The lighting fixtures and accessories industry in East Africa is in expansion mode, opening more to the rest of the world. It provide the African shoppers with lighting products presented by multinational companies and local manufacturers.

LIGHTEXPO 2018 will present new opportunities if you are looking to break into the African lighting industry. If you sign up as an exhibitor, you’ll get the chance to offer your products and services to high-level buyers at one of the biggest lighting events in East Africa.

As a visitor, enjoy a wide range of lighting products and services that are not only affordable but also not found elsewhere.

Wide Products Range:

The exhibit will present more than 5,000 products in several categories including:

  • Lighting controls & solution.
  • LEDS.
  • Indoor/Outdoor lighting.

Visitors and Exhibitors:

Over 18 countries from all over the world will be present at the event, more than 95 exhibitors and around 3,200 business visitors. Visitor profile includes importers, distributors, and retailers.

Why Participate?

  • Generate new leads in East Africa.
  • Promote your business.
  • Expand your business network.
  • Refresh your relationships with existing customers.
  • Showcase your new products and services.
  • Get updated with the latest industry news.

10. LED Expo

The 16th International LED & OLED Expo 2018 in Korea is definitely worth your attention. It will cover:

  • LEDs & LED Lighting Products.
  • Photonics: Optical Communications, Intelligent Optical Sensors, and Precision Optics.

As well as Smart Building + Electrical Engineering.

Running concurrently with the Expo is the Int’l LASER EXPO 2018.

The event hosts a huge LED industry forum, business meetings, and award program sponsored by the government.

In 2017, more than 270 companies from 15 countries joined the event taking up to 600 booths. These numbers are expected to climb higher based on the previous success.

11. Horticulture Lighting Conference Europe

Something interesting is stirring up a fundamental change in horticulture. It’s a positive revolution that will change the face of agriculture forever. It’s where LED meets horticulture.

The relationship between LED Lighting and plant behaviour is starting to reveal its mysteries. We now can use lighting to change plants. The potential is far from limited, with lighting capabilities we can affect plant’s health, growth, and fundamental nature. Literally, shaping the future of farming.

Find out more when you attend the Horticultural Lighting Conference in its European edition. It will be at the Conference Centre at Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, and The Netherlands on 14-15 May 2018.

12. Connected TechExpo

Connected Tech Expo is a one of a kind trade show convention and conference concentrating on our rapidly-changing and exciting world where technology is connecting everything. The 2018 event in its first addition will take place on October 17-18 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

It will offer a completely packed conference program divided into significant tracks that attack specific need one at a time:

  • Smart Buildings: Lighting, IoT, and Control Systems/Net Zero Buildings.
  • Smart Cities: Security and Network/IT Infrastructure and Physical Infrastructure (Water, Transit/Mobility, Autonomous Vehicles)
  • Smart Homes: Energy Usage/Tracking, Lighting and Control Systems, and Home Security (Cameras, Locks, Alarms).

13. eceee Industrial Efficiency 2018

Industry devours one third of world’s energy consumption. Thus, it will be crucial to meeting emission reduction targets in Europe and all over the world. It’s not about energy efficiency, reducing excessive energy consumption will also drive prices down, increase productivity, and help the planet recover.

However, energy efficiency is a key element to energy security, more employment opportunity, and lower carbon intensity. It is an event that promotes the low-carbon transition through policy change, technology, and eco-friendly business models. With support from the Deneff, the association of German efficiency companies made up of 150 member companies.

14. InterLumi Panama

For two consecutive years the America Expo Group has successfully organized InterLumi Panama, the global lighting exhibition. In its 3rd years, the InterLumi Panama will be held at ATLAPA Conference Centre in Panama from July 11 to 13, 2018.

The conference will focus on the Latin American market and the Caribbean region, giving the lighting industry in the region a kiss of life, and providing another stronghold. Being an emerging market, it will attract lighting professionals looking for more room to expand their operations.

It is an event that’ll provide a gateway to the Latin markets.

  • Panama’s established government guarantees an unstoppable economic growth.
  • The Canal’s growth, big investments in public groundwork developments and its business-favouring rules are increasing enormous demands.
  • Panama enjoys the most sustainable economic growth on the continent. In 2015, Panama accomplished a staggering growth in GDP that reached US$52.12 billion with a growth rate of 5.8%, which is higher than any other country in the region.
  • The great Canal of Panama is the linking point between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea to the North of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Panama is considered as a re-exporting hub serving a wide radius of countries in the region and around the world.

15. Trends in Lighting - Smart Lighting Forum & Show *

Studies prove that light has a great influence on human behaviour. Potentially, light can shape our surroundings, improve our lifestyle, it can even tamper with our health. We can't exist without light. The world is getting "smarter" than ever, by adding LED/OLED to the formula, we're going to see the emergence of Smart Lighting. Steven Holls refer us to the importance of 'balance' between the two directions.

Trends in Lighting (TiL) will take place on September 25-27, 2018 in Opera House Bregenz, Austria. The event is set around answering the tough questions in lighting and light design through providing exhaustive analysis, expert interviews, and interactive workshops.

In modern times, light has been reserved for a special class of experts: architects and lighting designers who received higher education in prestigious universities. While the same principle apply in our digital time, there are host of software that allows greater control of light. Light became "human-friendly," we can use it to increase productivity, improve health, and sell products.

If you want to create value with light, go to TiL.

Increased connectivity and digitisation changed lighting design forever, marrying it to several disciplines including architecture, aesthetics, and even sociology.

Nowadays, lighting designers must work with human emotions in their designs instead of against it. The so-called smart city became the paradise of lighting design because their lighting designers could apply their theories in the real world.

TiL aims to fan that conversation about the future of lighting design by inviting the elite, movers and shakers who shape the lighting design industry. TiL is concurrent with LpS, the pioneer global lighting technologies event for design, experimenting and production of lighting systems, control systems and equipment.


If you are interested in more Lighting Fairs and Trade Shows in USA, this is a great article to check. It will provide you with all the information about where and when these fairs will be held, so you can keep updated with the latest news about lighting exhibitions and be able to set your plans well.