Dammam Municipality Releases LED Street Lighting Specifications

Dammam Municipality Releases LED Street Lighting Specifications

Aug 8, 2018 11:08:00 AM

Dammam Municipality Releases LED Street Lighting Specifications

The beautiful city of Dammam is situated in the Arabian Gulf Bay, in Saudi’s eastern area and has been labelled as the city’s Capital.

Driven by the promise of energy and maintenance cost savings provided by LED lighting technology, many cities Throughout the whole of the GCC (Gulf Corporation Council), which includes Saudi Arabia are struggling with effectively implementing LEDs in their street lighting. There still remains much confusion and misinformation pertaining to LED lighting technology.

One of the largest markets for lighting products throughout the world happens to be in Saudi Arabia. Manufacturers began to promote outdoor lighting products or more specifically, street lighting without placing any emphasis on conditions, such as, dust, or intense humidity and high temperatures.

Some of the cases which have been recorded include color change, rapid lighting output decay or driver’s failure, with regards to lighting output. In light of this, the head of the Electrical Project Department of the Dammam Municipality, Eng. Mustafa Al-Tawfik the Head of Lighting Supervision Department at Dammam Municipality took the decision to impose a high standard for LED street lighting fixtures. This enables a high standard of control and the ability to compare the products promoted fairly.

With the input of a highly-experienced American Consultant, and following 12-months of continuous work, the standard has now been released and is readily available.

A strong compilation between NEMA and PS standards, and consist of 2 main sections (Housing and mechanical requirements and Optical requirements).

Some of these mandatory requirements are:

  • Lumen/w at 50c shall be > 100
  • Maximum drive current is 700mA
  • L70 at 50000H supported by L80 test
  • MacAdam step4max at 50000H
  • Minimum 7 years warranty for all components

Some of test reports that required as a mandatory:

  • LM-79-08 test report
  • LM-82 test report
  • ISTMT test report (in-Situ temperature Measurement Test with/without sand at 50C
  • LM-80 (10K) test
  • TM21 calculation report
  • Photo-biological safety test report

Also there are DIALux simulation requirements, list of supported documents and tests, clear warranty section from both supplier and manufacturer, and a list of all standards that have been used so that anyone can find the reference for each point

It is certain that this particular standard will reduce, if not stop a number of traders from bringing inferior products to the market. In general, this step will surely pave the way for some of the higher costing quality products available to be more competitive in this highly competitive market.

For your free copy of the standard, you can get it directly from Dammam municipality (street lighting department) or get in touch via our contact form and we will email a copy directly to your inbox.