Halogen Phase Out: 1st September 2016 from Europe– Are you aware?

Halogen Phase Out: 1st September 2016 from Europe– Are you aware?

Aug 1, 2018 11:21:00 AM

One of the global leaders in lighting, Philips Lighting, released the results of their study which showed that many consumers of electricity were not aware of the ban on (GU10) Halogen spotlights from the 1st September 2016, within the European Union (EU).  Their study showed that approximately 75% were unaware of the ban, even though forty per cent of those consumers were using the spotlights in their homes.

This legislation was born out of a requirement for more energy efficient consumption and a reduction in CO₂ emissions.

Sweden was completely unaware

In the Philips Lighting study, approximately 5,000 adults, from five European countries took part, namely, UK, France, Belgium, Germany, and Sweden. The study revealed that almost 84% of the Swedish contingent had no idea about the new legislation. This was considered to be quite surprising, bearing in mind the significant lack of daylight hours during the winter period and household reliance on lighting. However, 62% of the French appeared to be more aware of the ban or at least had some knowledge of it. They did, however, declare that more information about the bank should have been provided, and 44% stated that they would like to have been aware of it much sooner.

Mahesh Iyer, a frontrunner for Philips Lighting business group, comments “We were keen to investigate consumer’s understanding of the EU legislation ban, and we uncovered a lot of interesting things. In addition to learning more about consumer behavior on energy efficiency, our studies showed a general lack of knowledge and understanding, which emphasized the need for further education and discussion around the possibilities of LED lighting. Many consumers have outdated views of LED and are unaware that the technology has moved on significantly over the last ten years about quality. By way of example, we use WarmGlow technology in our LED spotlights which imitates the warm color gained when dimming a halogen. This particular technology is distinctive.”

Three-Quarters of consumers were uninformed about the Halogen phase out on 1st September 2016

According to study results, resonating out across Europe is the distinct lack of information regarding alternative lighting. Notwithstanding, 67% (two out of three) of the consumers in Europe were using LED lighting in their homes, but there were still many myths floating around as to their energy efficiency and usage. Some 20% (one in five) people incorrectly assumed that it is not possible to dim LED lights. Almost a quarter was of the assumption that LED lights are incapable of being dimmed to create a warm glow, the way that halogens do. There were also many misconceptions about energy savings and efficiency and 17% of those consumers believed that halogen lights were more efficient than LED spotlights.