Top 10 Lighting Design Books

There are many lighting design books that you should read and learn from, but we couldn’t fit them all into a standard list of Top 10 lighting design books. Grab your reading

Scotland New street light framework goes live

LED street lighting projects in Scotland are streamlined and vetted through contractors, and a new street lighting framework initiative has been announced by The Scotland Excel program. In this framework,

The Light Behind The Hype

The sustainability agenda has thrust itself to the top of the business world stage in recent years, with everyone from the local coffee shop owner to the international trading giant

Re: Who will pay for lighting warranty?

In the past weeks,we launched a survey in many lighting groups : “who will pay for the LED lighting warranty?”( Include replace components cost, delivery cost,repair labor cost, brand lost,etc) Many

10 Problems with Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent is still an inexpensive option for retrofitting old T12 fixtures, but Fluorescent lighting does have it’s drawbacks. Here are 10 problems that people run into with Fluorescent Lighting: 7-reasons-to-consider-led-vs-fluorescent

New Philips Dubai Lamps Effect on The Professional Lighting Market

Philips designed these lamps to offer several tangible benefits, which will take light and energy efficiency to a whole new level. Philips Dubai Lamps help minimise electricity usage by up to 90%. They are high for durability as well, with a lifespan, 15 times longer than the conventional bulbs.

LED and Lifetime Calculations

Lumileds recently introduced their Luxeon Stylist Series to support fashion, retail, fresh food sales and restaurants. Lumileds calls their proprietary technology for CoB LEDs CrispWhite Technology, CrispColor Technology™, FreshFocus Technology™

High Temperature Effect on LED’s Performance

In general, the cooler the environment, the higher an LED’s light output will be. Higher temperatures generally reduce light output. In warmer environments and at higher currents, the temperature of

LED Basics Everyone Must Know

LED basics everyone should know Some of These LED basics definitions still new for many members in LED lighting business we trying to collect it in a simple format that is

Surge Protection for LED Street Lights

LED street lights that got struck by a surge have different components that are damaged i.e. power supply, LED chips and even sometimes full module. The process of uninstalling the luminaire from the pole is a very difficult procedure. That’s why you need Surge Protection for LED Street Lights.

The Future of B2B E-Commerce and How to Start in Digital Market

The B2B E-Commerce digital revolution means more procurement opportunities for business, increased B2B exchanges, and a developed digital economy. B2B E-Business eliminates intermediaries, thereby reducing costs while offering responsiveness to industry changes.

Top 10 LED Chips You Should Consider for Your LED Lighting Fixture

The LED lighting industry is growing every day. As a response to that massive change in the lighting industry, thousands of lighting manufacturers shifted their production lines to produce high efficiency led lighting products, as the competition becomes every day tougher than the day before all lighting manufacturers looking to offer the best-led lighting product with the lowest possible cost.

Lighting Fairs and Trade Shows in USA

There are important and top LED Lighting Fairs and Trade Shows in USA. Lighting Fairs have different purposes LED lights, SSL technology, and educational programs.

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