Re: Who will pay for lighting warranty?

Re: Who will pay for lighting warranty?

Aug 2, 2018 12:02:00 PM

In the past weeks, we launched a survey in many lighting groups: “who will pay for the LED lighting warranty?”( Include replace components cost, delivery cost, repair labor cost, the brand lost, etc)

Many typical comments from buyers, manufactures, lighting brand owners, including Europ, American, Aus, Africa, China. As below:

By a summary for above, we can see:

  • People’s understanding of the Warranty’definition is big difference, especially for Manufacture VS Importer
  •  We’d better write the right and responsibility on the contract. Even sometimes it is still not very much useful with strong binding.It’ better than we didn’t do it

Why can this differen understanding happen? It cause buyer’s lost and also Chinese manufacture’s credit.

I think  it would be good if we can think above question: before buyer sourcing ,before supplier promise something to the customer.