Top 10 LED Chips You Should Consider for Your LED Lighting Fixture

Top 10 LED Chips You Should Consider for Your LED Lighting Fixture

Mar 5, 2018 11:01:00 AM

The LED lighting industry is growing every day. As a response to that massive change in the lighting industry, thousands of Lighting Manufacturers shifted their production lines to produce high efficiency led lighting products, as the competition becomes every day tougher than the day before all lighting manufacturers looking to offer the best-led lighting product with the lowest possible cost. While designing and producing an LED light fixture, selecting the best-LED chip and the best-led driver is on the top of the designer list. In this article, we will focus on the top 10 LED chip manufacturers/brands that any lighting manufacturer should put in consideration when they choose their product component. One of the most important factors is the selection of the LED Chip brand. There are hundreds of LED chip manufacturers in the world, offering lighting-class LED chips that deliver high luminous efficacy, brightness, colour temperature and lifetime required for general illumination for general lighting applications, e.g. roadways, parking area lights and indoor directional lighting applications.

Below are world’s top 10 LED chips you can consider using in your LED luminaries.

1.     CREE

Manufactured in the USA, CREE is one of the leading LED chip brands in the world with SMD LED chips ranging from 0.1W up to 5W and COB from 5W up to 200W. CREE manufacture LEDs for almost all kind of luminaries either it is a Bulb or a 1000W flood light. CREE high power LEDs are extremely efficient, with a luminous efficacy up to 200 Lm/W.Best thing using CREE LEDs is their technical support and tools available on their website. For example, CREE Product Characterization Tool (PCB) tells you how much will be the luminous output of LED when operated on particular current.CREE Product Characterization Tool (PCB)CREE Product Characterization Tool (PCB)

2.     NICHIA

NICHIA is a Japanese LED brand, offering a broad range of SMD LEDs for general lighting applications with high colour rendering index, long lifetime and high lumens efficacy. NICHIA research designing of LED chips, the manufacture and markets LED all over the world used in all types of lighting applications.

3.     Toyoda Gosei

The Japanese manufacturer is one of the best-LED chips manufacturers when it comes to quality of light. As Toyoda Gosei used the same phosphor as Niticha, they can deliver superior light quality. The latest innovation from Toyoda Gosei is the Development of LEDs with light that reproduces natural sunlight based on proprietary technology which comes from mixing red, blue, and green phosphor. This new technology with proved a new level of a comfortable environment for the human, and with highest CRI it will allow people to see colour as if under sunlight. This new technology will fit perfectly within many lighting applications such as fashion retail, art and museum, and inspection process.  

4.     OSRAM

Based in Germany, OSRAM is one of the leading LED chip manufacturers in the world. OSRAM is also world’s largest optoelectronic semiconductors maker after Nichia. OSRAM offers a broad range of LEDs for Automotive industry; for example, Audi using OSRAM LEDs in Headlights of a new model of Audi A8. For general lighting, OSRAM has almost all type of SMD LEDs from 0.1W to 5W, in all dimension packages, i.e. 3030, 5050. 5630, 2835 and others. OSRAM website also has a separate section of Tools and services, which contains different tools and calculators which can help designers to choose best SMD product for their luminaire to achieve best results.

5.     Lumileds (Philips)

Lumileds is one of the most selling LED chip brand in the world. Philips lighting using Lumiled in the manufacturing of most of their lighting products. Lumiled launches new 2835 LED which achieves 170lm/W. All Philips LED lighting products using the Lumiled chip which makes it one of the most selling LED chip brand. It is an excellent choice for LED indoor lighting. Lumiled was a joint venture between Agilent Technologies and Philips Lighting, but Later Philips acquired the company, and now it is known as Philips Lumileds Lighting Company.

6.     Seoul Semiconductor

South Korean LED manufacturer, Seoul Semiconductor develops LED chips for general lighting, automotive lighting and backlighting. Seoul Semiconductor is fourth largest LED manufacturer in the world. With a wide range of LEDs, their LEDs are very cost effective, high efficiency and long life. Seoul Semiconductor developed world’s first high voltage AC driven LED.

7.     LG Innotek

Coming from South Korea LG Innotek is one of the best manufacturers of LED chips. LG Innotek is also an OEM supplier for SMD chips for manufacturers like Philips and Tridonic which reflect the level of quality and high technology the Korean brand can offer. Their product portfolio contains a broad range of both SMD and COB led chips. Additionally, Innotek also produce LED Lighting Module Engine for indoor applications such as office and retail, and outdoor Modules for street and flood lighting

8.     Edison Opto

One of the global leading high power LED chip manufacturer. From Taiwan, Edison Opto product range includes SMD LED chip in all packages, i.e. 3030, 2835, 5050, 5630 etc. and high power SMD LED chips in 3535 package. Edison is also manufacturing COB for high power applications up to 200W. Edison major products are a high power LED chips used in lighting equipment, such as indoor lighting, e.g. Bulbs, down lights, panel lights etc., special lighting, and outdoor lighting, e.g. Street lighting applications. Edison also manufactures individual LEDs for Automobile applications.

9.     EPISTAR

EPISTAR is a wafer manufacturer; different companies buy wafer which using for LED manufacturing. You can find different Epistar LEDs available in the market from different vendors/manufacturers.Epistar LEDs chips is a good affordable selection for in indoor lighting applications, e.g. LED Bulbs, LED downlights etc., while most of the COB chips are used in outdoor applications, e.g. Floodlights, street lights, tunnel lights etc.  Epistar LEDs chips are available in all regular dimensions and packages, i.e. 3535, 5050, 5630 and most commonly used 2835.

10.San’an Optoelectronics

Based in China, San’an is the leading, and most selling LED chip brand in China. Most of the LED lighting products manufactured in China uses San’an Chips in them. San’an produce LED chips of all packages that can be used in indoor, outdoor and all general lighting applications.