Uniform Urban Lighting Plan for Tehran City

Uniform Urban Lighting Plan for Tehran City

Aug 9, 2018 9:06:00 AM

One of the pertinent factors that contribute to the aesthetics and vividness of a city is its lighting. Proper illumination of the urban space after the sunset makes the city safe and calm. In addition to enhancing the beauty of the town, light also allows the urban functions to progress smoothly.

A scientific and planned approach for city lighting can significantly improve:

  • Quality of urban life
  • Duration of activity
  • Tourism
  • Municipal security.

Improving Tehran’s public lighting

The Iranian Capital of Tehran has recognised the benefits of proper city lighting and is duly addressing the same. According to a member of the Lighting Committee of the Tehran Beautification Organization (TBO), a part of Tehran Municipality, they already implemented a comprehensive plan, focused on improving Tehran’s urban lighting at the end of the last financial year in March 2017.

Analysing the current public lighting situation

At present, Tehran’s public lighting is unorganised and very basic. Dr Babak Seyrrafi had previously analysed Tehran’s lighting and highlighted several issues. Tehran city is renowned globally in all comprehensive religious, historical, residential, and commercial maps. But at the same time, the lighting of Tehran city poses an obstacle. Better lighting can encourage a safe city life after dark and will also give a boost to its tourism. Therefore, the lighting committee of Tehran City plans to regulate it very soon.
Dr Seyrrafi had previously noted that the lighting in Tehran City is unorganised. There were several prominent and distinguished places in the city where lack of proper lighting, hinders the kind of activities that take place and how people move around. At the same time, wrong light in many areas has also distorted the aesthetics and environment at several locations.
The members of the lighting committee of Tehran Beautification Organization had also reported that the commercial and residential buildings in Tehran that utilise light illegally and in an unorganised manner also pose a challenge to Tehran’s energy consumption.

Tehran urban lighting plan in details

Tehran city attempts to provide:

  • Safe and sound environment to the citizens;
  • Safe roads for automobiles and pedestrians to travel at night;
  • Facilitate more excellent use of public spaces like parks and sports facilities
  • To use a visual master plan that guarantees a harmony between all the elements of adequate lighting.
  • Two special commissions of Lighting Committee “Urban Development and Architecture” and “Power and Electronics.” These committees will be responsible for reviewing various plans for regulating lighting in Tehran and practical implementation methods. Once the delegates finalise the project after careful consideration of expert opinions, regulation will come in place regarding the public light in the capital.
  • The official announcement of this comprehensive plan for public lighting and subsequent regulations will be by the end of this year, following which the country capital must adhere the guidelines stipulated in the program.