High Temperatsure Deep Cycle Gel Battery for Solar lighting

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  • Voltage: 6V, 8V, 12V
  • Capacity: 6V200Ah~6V420Ah, 8V170Ah~8V200Ah, 12V14Ah~12V300Ah
  • Designed floating service life: 15~20years @25°C/77°F
  • HTL series deep cycle gel battery is specially High-temperature sealed free maintenance deep cycle GEL battery with 15-20ys
  • design life in float service, 30% more than standard Gel battery, and 50% more than Lead Acid AGM battery.
  • It meets with IEC, CE, and ISO standards.
  • With up-dated valve regulated technology and high purity raw GEL materials imported from Germany, the HTL series battery maintains high consistency for better performance and reliable standby service life. 
  • It is designed especially for using under high and cold temperature sites.
  • Three years warranty at 35°C-40°C average 
  • Able to operate at -40°C to 60°C]
  • Longer life and higher stability under high temp. environment (Perfect to be applied to renewable energy system or hybrid power system at the harsh condition.) 
  • Adopt Super-C additives lead plates: Deep discharge recovery 
  • capability
  • Deep Cycle usage: 50% DOD, 1500-1600 Cycles work in high/cold temp. Area.

 Construction for Deep cycle Solar gel battery

1. HTL deep cycle gel battery adopts super corrosion-resistant alloy and unique patented grid structure, so can improve the lead plates corrosion-resistant performance in high temperature.

2. It takes particular positive negative lead plates ratio and novel nano gel electrolyte so that it can improve battery overpotential of hydrogen evolution effectively and high reduce the water loss in the high-temperature environment.

3. Its paste formula is an added anti-high temperature expanding agent, so it can work continuously in a high-temperature environment.

4. HTL battery’s shell adopts anti-high temperature ABS material, so the battery inside will not overheat, which could lead to water loss. And it will ensure the battery super long life. 

5. HTL series adopts patented gel electrolyte by nano-meter fumed silica, which advantage is high heat capacity and excellent heat release performance. It can avoid the thermal runaway problem of the regular battery, and discharge capacity can increase by over 30% in the low-temperature area. So HTL battery can work very well in a severe environment between -40℃-65℃.

6. in low-temperature environments -40℃, the HTL deep cycle gel formula added to a unique super expanding agent, which ensures battery discharge capacity is higher than other standard batteries.


Model Nominal
Voltage (V)
Capacity (Ah) Dimension (mm) Net Weight Terminal
Length Width Height Total Height kgs type
HIGH-TEMPERATURE DEEP CYCLE GEL BATTERY float life span 15-20years, cycle>1600 times 50% DOD
HTL6-200 6 200/20HR 306 168 220 225 30.3 M8
HTL6-210 6 210/20HR 260 180 247 252 29.8 M8
HTL6-220 6 220/20HR 306 168 220 225 31.8 M8
HTL6-225 6 225/20HR 243 187 275 275 30.8 M8
HTL6-250 6 250/20HR 260 180 265 272 34.8 M8
HTL6-310 6 310/20HR 295 178 354 360 46.3 M8
HTL6-330 6 330/20HR 295 178 354 360 46.9 M8
HTL6-380 6 380/20HR 295 178 404 410 55.6 M8
HTL6-420 6 420/20HR 295 178 404 410 57.1 M8
HTL12-100 12 100/20HR 307 169 211 216 31.0 M6
HTL12-150 12 150/20HR 484 171 241 241 46.0 M8
HTL12-200 12 200/20HR 532 206 215 220 59.0 M8
HTL12-250 12 250/20HR 520 269 203 207 71.0 M8
HTL12-300 12 300/20HR 520 269 203 207 77.0 M8

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