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Features of MOFI LED grow lights

 ·        These lights contain no fan means there will be no noise.

·        It contains a smart remote control panel for quick on and off.

·        These lights are 0% to 100% dimmable.

·        These LED lights contain Samsung LM301B premium LED chips.

·        These LED lights are ETL, RoHS, and CE certified.

·        These are full-spectrum bar lights, such as 380 nm to 780 nm, so these are ideal for indoor plants and can be used at all growth stages.

·        Lifespan of the LEDs is up to 50,000 hours.

·        The best thing about these lights is the three years warranty.

·        High efficiency up to 2.8 umol/s and maximum yield.

·        These LED lights are cost and energy-efficient.

·        These lights can be used at all growth stages so good at improving plant quality.

·        More importantly, it has a special foldable design.

After looking at these amazing features, you can say it is the best choice for growing indoor plants.

 Applications of MOFI Commercial LED Grow Lights

·        A good choice for a commercial greenhouse.

·        The best lighting solution for vertical farming.

·        It is ideal for indoor grow tent.

·        It can be used for a hydroponic system.

MOFI LED plant growth light
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Introduction of MOFI LED cannabis growing lamp

Nowadays, the world is looking for the best indoor plant growing solutions, Foldable and removable commercial LED grow lights are the perfect example of it. Moreover, These LED lights are ETL certified and can help you get 30% more yield than HPS lights.

LED light can save 60% energy and increasing 15%~30% production, Under LED light treatments, plants are shorter and compact, but showed more higher CBD and THC content, thereby increasing terpene content. Enough research data shows LED light are the best light source to improve Cannabis production and quality.

This commercial LED grow lights contains an efficient heat sink system. Moreover, these LED grow lights offer a smart remote control panel so that you can control your lights without climbing the wall or ladder. These LED lights have higher light intensity, better lumens, less lumen depreciation, and higher PAR values. All these features make LED grow light an excellent choice for cannabis and other indoor plants growing.

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