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The E LUM LED light is a high-tech street light with a modern, extremely thin, aerodynamic design. It integrates seamlessly into all public and private outdoor areas, as well as all road types. The E LUM LED is an ideal choice for all categories of streets, parking lots, urban areas, and city centers. It is made of modern high-tech materials that have been tested in the automobile and medical industries. Its modular concept enables fast and efficient component upgrade, and ecological dismantling after the end of the product’s lifetime. The E LUM LED street light is designed to promote natural air circulation and exceptional heat transfer, which additionally contributes to its lifespan. The upper support and the rotor are made of high-quality lightweight aluminum. They are protected by a thin powder coating to prevent oxidation even in the harshest weather and climate conditions. The surface is extended by additional cooling fins on the upper part, making for excellent heat transfer at temperatures greater than 50°C. The lower cover is made of high-performance ASA plastic to withstand environments with fast, frequent, and significant temperature changes.