SS4 Street Lighting Photocell

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The SS4 and SS4ED model is a low-cost, high-quality photocell that includes an electromagnetic relay and a photodiode sensor that reduces burning hours, lowers power consumption and long lifetime with high switching accuracy. The electronic circuit in the SS4ED delivers extraordinarily accurate and reliable switching control. Also includes a VDR (Voltage Dependent resistor) as standard, protecting the circuit from high transient voltages. Both the SS4D and SS4ED are available as a 'Kit' (with socket & Bracket) or a 'cell only.

The SS4 and SS4ED series use in outdoor lighting systems for commercial, industrial and domestic spaces that require illumination from dusk, until dawn. Ensuring light is provided only when needed, the SS4 series gives accurate switching to lighting for schools, car parks, retail spaces, and others in the darker months and hours. The SS4 series has some features:

  • LED Compatible
  • Provides accurate Lux level switching for street lighting systems
  • main applications: outdoor lighting applications in areas such as streets, office spaces, retail spaces, car parks, public areas