Recessed Microwave light Motion Sensor

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MC040S is an innovative microwave light motion sensor for stand-alone installation. This Recessed motion sensor can be installed the same as a downlight .only turn on the light when there needs light, which adopts the most advanced radar technology to detect movement .with wide detection range to 16m max in diameter.

The microwave light sensor switches on the light on the detection of movement, and switch off a hold time when there is no motion detected. As a built-in daylight sensor, the sensor does not switch on the light if with sufficient in natural light.




  1. Support for stand-alone installation
  2. Recessed mounted design.
  3. Built-in both daylight and motion sensors
  4. Zero-crossing point operation helps protect the sensor against the in-rush current.
  5.  The daylight threshold can be precisely set via the DIP switch.

Operating voltage

220-240Vac, 50Hz

Rated load

400W(inductive), 800W (resistive)

HF system

5.8GHz±75MHz, ISM wave band

Power consumption


Transmitting power


Detection zone Max.(D x H)

16m x 6m

Motion detection


Detection angle

150°(wall installation) 360°(ceiling installation)

IP rating


Operation temperature


Hold time


Detec Range


Daylight sensor

2lux / 15lux / 30lux / 50lux / Disable


50,000 hours


5 years