article/index/detail/smart-streetlight-future-uk The Future of Smart streetlight in UK
The Future of Smart streetlight in UK

The Future of Smart streetlight in UK

Nov 12, 2018 1:17:00 PM

The Future of Smart streetlight in UK

There are around 6.5 million streetlight columns in the UK and the average spending on each column is approximately 40 pounds a year, multiply both the figures and you’ll get a number high enough to receive the attention of the government and people. For that UK considered one of the first countries to use smart on/off switching techniques with the streetlight. Using at least a photocell to automatically switching the street light on/off is a standard in the UK, some council using a Part Night photocell which can be preprogrammed to a customer's specification to switch off the light for some certain hours at the night

Smart streetlight is the future

So what is smart streetlight? Simply put, a smart streetlight system incorporates clusters of streetlight lamps that can communicate with each other and provide lighting data to a local concentrator. The concentrator manages and transmits the relevant data, often via a digital cell phone modem, to a secure server that captures the data and presents it in a web-browser interface.   Wireless smart streetlight control management system owns the feature of the smart streetlight in the UK for many reasons:

  • The simplicity of installation as it can be installed with both conventional and LED streetlight if fixtures containing NEMA socket so the installation will be only plugged and play.
  • unlimited dimming scenarios for each individual lamp or group of lamps.
  • Detailed Fault reporting on a daily base
  • computability with all LED Drivers and HID ballasts
  • Real-time control with unlimited lighting seniors.
  • Plan and route the maintenance work to minimize street blockages and maintenance effort
  • Energy consumption, power factor, voltage and current measurement.
  • Ability to integrate different types of sensors to the system like traffic sensors, motion sensors, air pollution sensor, water level sensor.. etc.
  • Highly Scalable Architecture as the streetlights control system can cover up to a complete county.

smart streetlight control system in uk showing streetlights on the mab for easy monitoring   Together with the replacement of more efficient LED luminaires, Smart Streetlight Control Systems are proven solutions that help municipalities and councils drastically reduce electricity consumption and reducing maintenance costs, the initial costs of adding a smart control lighting system and other installation costs might be an extra weight on the budget; but the long time savings are indeed a bigger relief to it.  the Smart Streetlight Control Systems help to improve traffic safety conditions, safer pedestrian environment and can add a great value to the city’s architectural, touristic and commercial output.