assaloniluci The company was born from the will of its founder Silvano Assaloni and the help from Ernesta wife. In the seventies, the desire to create unique and innovative models gives rise to a small chandeliers factory. The passion and energy of the owners has formed over the years a company capable of having awards from a large customer base throughout the region and neighboring countries. The evolution has been gradual and has been able to support the production, a business side to exhibit their products together with the most well-known domestic and foreign companies. The current exhibition renewed and expanded in recent years, ranks among the most extensive in the industry. Currently the production is limited to certain models with a specialization in creating a design lamps and ideas of customers. Predominates the sale of sophisticated commercial products and selected. assaloniluci is a Lighting supplier and dealer from Italy for lighting such as LED lighting and conventional lighting products.   There portfolio covers different lighting applications such as Indoor ,decorative, outdoor, and architectural lighting in italy .   assaloniluci deal for many lighting brands such as Artemide, the company listed as a supplier and dealer for lighting and its accessories in Italy.