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centro illuminotecnica

centro illuminotecnica lighting supplier from italy  From the start of the attivita 'and' tried to change the way you propose, who until then had intended merely to sell decorative object, introducing lighting concepts  ,trying to match the beauty of the product and its functionality '. lighting advanced concepts have brought us soon to lead the industry, not only led, but we can say in all Italy, realizing projects that have ever hit the target, that 'optimize lighting based on the needs and problems of various activities'. Strong experience gained in 24 ani work, today we are able to always give more 'responses to customers, as a lighting supplier being able to offer almost the entire range of products related to the lighting sector, having established important relationships with many companies from the most' noble to the lesser known and still guaranteeing a certain guarantee on the quality 'of the product, even when' in its price class .