elettroservice spa

elettroservice spa  develops and designs the company's future by having only the customer as the central reference . The open non-stop from Monday to Saturday , customized service for customers, the organization based on efficiency, preparation and technical expertise of staff. It ''s corporate philosophy Elettroservice Spa, the Monterotondo electricity megastore specialized in lighting, automation, alarms and security, telephony and television, hobbies and do-it-yourself equipment, air conditioning and heating. The point of sale of Via Leonardo da Vinci airport industrial area of Monterotondo, has become a veritable the electricity industry benchmark for almost all of the Lazio Region. Turnover of Elettroservice Spa , growing, testify that customers have definitely appreciated the winning formula of the company, namely the assisted self-service . The latest innovation launched by Elettroservice Spa also makes customers permanently free. Free not only to choose one of three service mode in the electricity megastore. But also free to visit Elettroservice Spa at any time of the day. The store, in fact, is open every day, from Monday to Saturday, with the formula non-stop, from 7 to 20, Sunday from 9:30 to 13. With 13 daily hours of continuous opening, among other things, it is definitely eliminated any possibility in a row for customers. Both professionals and private individuals, therefore, within the megastore can choose between three options. Who knows what he wants and also where to find it, in 3,500 square meters of self-service , you need to be alone and go directly to the case, with a further saving of time.