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galleria del lampadario

galleria del lampadario We are in Orvieto, the beautiful city in the Umbria region in the province of Terni, a few kilometers from Lazio and Tuscany regions, however with which it is well connected by the A1 motorway route whose entry is particularly close to our office. With over 30 years of experience the Galleria Del chandelier markets lighting systems and equipment produced by the most important companies in the sector. The commitment in the lighting field is 360 degrees: we sell items for interiors as a city or country houses, offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, and other facilities and for outdoor lighting such as parks and gardens. galleria del lampadario is a Lighting supplier and dealer from Italy for lighting such as LED lighting and conventional lighting products.   There portfolio covers different lighting applications such as Indoor ,decorative, outdoor, and architectural lighting in italy .   galleria del lampadario deal for many lighting brands such as Artemide, the company listed as a supplier and dealer for lighting and its accessories in Italy.