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milia living home

milia living home For over 20 years, Living Home has overseen every aspect of the home design furnishing business, ensuring the originality and exclusivity of every item sold in our showroom. Milia Living Home depends primarily on family members who work with care, passion and creativity to satisfy the living needs of today’s homes.

As a second-generation family business

we pride ourselves in offering an exclusive furniture collection that has pioneered what is now known throughout the world as the “Made in Italy” design. For this reason we would like to introduce ourselves.

Our showroom, considered by many an important contemporary art gallery,

milia living home is a Lighting supplier and dealer from Italy for lighting such as LED lighting and conventional lighting products.   There portfolio covers different lighting applications such as Indoor ,decorative, outdoor, and architectural lighting in italy .   milia living home deal for many lighting brands such as Artemide, the company listed as a supplier and dealer for lighting and its accessories in Italy.