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new lux

new lux lighting supplier from Italy The brand NEW LUX Lighting & Design in Rome boasts an ancient tradition born in 1929 when the Silvestri Cappannoli family opened the first and historic Via Salaria 101 store. It has been more than 80 years, during which the company has developed and evolved following the technological changes and the changing needs of the market, while maintaining all the characteristics of a family-management where the customer is greeted with warmth and followed carefully. Experience the competence and professionalism acquired from generation to generation, they are transferred with passion to our extensive and loyal customer base and organizational and commercial dynamism flexibility mean that the services are always tailored to the needs of our customers new lux is a Lighting supplier and dealer from Italy for lighting such as LED lighting and conventional lighting products.   There portfolio covers different lighting applications such as Indoor ,decorative, outdoor, and architectural lighting in italy .   new lux deal for many lighting brands such as Artemide,the company listed as a supplier and dealer for lighting and its accessories in Italy.