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parque mobile

 parque mobile Since 1987 we have been focusing on the sale of contemporary furniture and latest design. We value in our selection both the aesthetic and formal qualities of the pieces as qualities and finishes of the maximum level. From our shop in Badajoz we serve our customers from Extremadura and Portugal. Dedicated to both the home equipment and to interventions in projects and large facilities. We collaborate regularly with the architects, interior designers or prescribers of each project, in order to solve the functional needs of spaces with the highest level of topicality and aesthetics. A careful selection of the most influential pieces of the 20th and 21st centuries. Furniture, lighting and complements of the great designers and architects of the national and international panorama. parque mobile is a Lighting supplier and dealer from Spain for lighting such as LED lighting and conventional lighting products.   There portfolio covers different lighting applications such as Indoor ,decorative, outdoor, and architectural lighting in Spain.   parque mobile deal for many lighting brands such as Artemide, the company listed as a supplier and dealer for lighting and its accessories in Spain.